Customer Service and Customer Comments

As a guy who has dealt with customers all his working life, there is always something satisfying about seeing or hearing about a good customer experience.

No business is perfect and no matter how hard you try something can always go wrong. A damaged item, faulty item, delayed delivery, sending the wrong item are all possible things that can kill a customers buying experience.

But there's an old saying that goes "it's not that something has gone wrong, it's how the company handles it that counts".

In other jobs I've seen co-workers argue with customers about problems that were not the customers' fault. All that does is make the customers angry and determined never to shop there again. A few times I had to step in and tell the co-worker to shut up.

Here at True Talon we strive very hard to keep our customers happy. No arguing; if you need a refund no problem; no ridiculous re-stocking fee nonsense etc etc.

We get some very good feedback from our customers - especially on the Australian Blade Forum -

[quote] 9/11/16 - Package arrived yesterday. Best packaging I've ever had, dramatically better than other knives sellers I've purchased from. Fit and finish seem great, very sharp. Breaking in the flipper now annoying everyone. Extremely happy, will definitely be purchasing from True Talon again [/quote]







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Received my Kizer Vanguard Dukes yesterday.
This knife is by far the best quality knife I own and is by no way the most expensive.
The close tolerances in the making of this $100 knife have to be seen to be believed.
With the blade deployed there is no movement in it whatsoever.It is locked solid.I just hope it stays like that when it’s worn in.
The blade is scary sharp out of the box.
Excellent and fast service from True Talon and I will most certainly be dealing with them again.


I’ve bought 4 Kizer knives now, and I live them all! These knives are top quality, so often they are a superior build and material quality to their more expensive competition. Highly recommend, exceptional customer service by Tony as well. I thought I’d only get the one at the start, now I know I’ll be back for sure!

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