Kizer Limited Edition M390 Steel - Serial Numbered Knives.

Kizer has released three knives as Limited Editions, all with Bohler M390 steel blades.

All the blades are serial numbered and engraved with the steel type and the name of the knife.

Ki3468 - The Intrepid by Ray Laconico - 500 pieces

Ki3454A1 - The Flashbang by Matt Cuccinara - 150 pieces

Ki3455A1 - The Dorado by Matt Cuccinara - 200 pieces

The knives all have roughly 3 inch blades and all titanium handles. These blades are shaving sharp straight from the box. Amazingly light and compact and ideal for everyday carry.

Our Kizer rep tells us there will be further Limited Edition knives. And Kizer are also planning a Custom shop for 2017 as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on what Kizer has planned for the coming year.





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