Michael Vagnino Custom Tech Knives

We are proud and humbled to be able to offer our customers the amazing custom work of ABS Master Bladesmith Michael Vagnino.

Michael has a number of knife styles he does which can be customized to suit your taste. He builds and fits every knife personally.

His blade steel of choice is Carpenter's Supersteel CTS-XHP. Handle materials can be Titanium, Carbon Fiber or Micarta with various inserts such as wood, abalone, mammoth ivory among others.

His knife actions are caged ball bearings with a hardened thrust washer for exceptionally smooth and fast opening.

A number of his designs are licensed to Kizer if you cannot stretch your budget for a custom knife. The Velox, Desert Dog and Lancer 2 are all produced by Kizer.

If you are interested in having a knife made by Michael, please let us know. Price will depend on what features you want.

We will also be stocking some of his custom knives such as the Velox and the Shadow Hawk for those customers who don't want to wait for a knife to be built.

Currently his line up includes these knives -

The Rat, Desert Dog, Shadow Hawk, Velox, Mini Velox, ZipSlip (slip joint system - non locking blade), The Lockback, Lancer 2

We'll soon have in stock - 

Carbon fiber and Moonglow Velox

Dragon scale Velox

Carbon fiber Shadow Hawk


The video shows the Velox with Carbon Fiber scales and Moonglow insert.

 The Rat, Desert Dog and Shadow Hawk.

Michael Vagnino - Rat, Desert Dog, Shadow Hawk

 Custom Velox with Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber and Moonglow insert.

 Custom Shadow Hawk with Checkerboard Carbon Fiber.



Custom Velox with one of a kind Dragon pattern anodized titanium scales. We will have this knife for sale.






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