The Future Is Here !!

The Reate Future knife has been a while coming but has finally arrived in February 2017.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you have one) it was done in very limited numbers and most of our shipment was sold before  it arrived, so we only have a few remaining. Most dealers in the USA appear to have the same issue - most are sold out.

The Future knife has an integral one piece handle - there are no screws and spacers holding it together like other folders. The Future knife is beautifully designed and flips perfectly.

If you can find one you wont be disappointed.

All the Future knives ship with a black metal, credit card sized, certificate of authenticity.

Check out Jim Skelton's video on the prototype.


 Below is a link to the PDF brochure that was sent to dealers. We have added this for anyone to download - purely for interest.


Damasteel & Mokuti model.



 Black model - Sold Out




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