Visa and Mastercard Facilities Now Working

We have to apologize to those customers who tried to use their credit cards on our site and they didn't work. The damn bank's instructions for setting this up were cryptic at best  and non existent at worst.

As a busy person trying to run a business, I want short, sharp, concise instructions on this - I don't have time to wade through a lot of crap trying to decipher that -

1. Initially we are in test mode.

2. That we have to do 20 freaking tests with their fake credit card numbers.

3. Then we have to email them that we have finished testing and have to request they check the tests and give us permission to go "live".

4. A bunch of codes have to be generated for a second time once we are out of test mode.

5. We are not set up for AMEX or Diners - we have to go to them separately and go through this whole thing again...........


Yes I know the banks are full of red tape and as slow as a glacier (try getting a wire transfer sent - Good Lord what a waste of time) but it's not rocket science to write out a short series of instructions on this stuff.

Anyway our credit cards are now working for VISA AND MASTERCARD.

I can't believe I got through that without typing f*ck once - oh snap........





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