Mikkel Willumsen - New Production Folders for 2018

Mikkel Willumsen - New Production Folders for 2018

Things are heating up considerably in the knife world with Danish custom maker Mikkel Willumsen introducing his first production knives - the CHIBS - in November 2018.

2 CHIBS models will be available -

1. A two tone model with black carbon fiber and grey titanium handle with stonewashed blade.

2. An all black model with black titanium nitride coated blade.

Production is Limited to 150 of each model.

Mikkel is well known for his tough tactical and combat knives made in his custom shop under the Urban Tactical banner.

Willumsen calls the 4.8 oz. Chibs’ handle construction method the “Pocket Frame.” It has been seen on his customs over the last several years, but this is its first appearance on a production knife. Each of the four parts of the half-and-half carbon fiber and titanium handle connects via internal pockets.

These pieces are held together across the backspacer by a pivot pin-size screw at the butt end of the knife. Most frame lock knives have different show and lock-side scales, but the Pocket Frame method allows the front scale to mimic the back nearly perfectly. “It’s lightweight, and the handle side looks the same as the lock side. I don’t know if there are advantages besides that, but it looks good and innovative,” Willumsen says.

Creative blade shapes often appear on Urban Tactical products, but the Chibs features a no-frills 3.5 -inch drop point, accented by an oversized cutout and a long swedge.

The CHIBS is one tough beast. As soon as you pick it up you can feel the quality of the build and flipping the blade only reinforces it. The blades come shaving sharp - our owner recently demonstrated this at the Adelaide Knife show by shaving most of the hair from his arm with the CHIBS.

For around the AUD $200 price point the CHIBS is one of the better bargain knives released in 2018.

 The next knives coming in the series will be -

Maddog - a D2 paracord wrapped neck knife

Tyran - a small 440C blade folder with G10 and titanium handle

Cobra Ace - large folder with S35VN blade with G10 and Titanium handle

Red E - (no details yet)





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