New WE Knives for End of Year 2018

WE Knives have certainly been stirring up the market in 2018.

Taking a leaf out of other makers books they have been teaming up with various US and European designers to bring out some exceptionally good knives. The Eschaton, the Wasabi and the Ferox to name a few.

Their own in-house designers have been coming out with some great designs as well. The Wisp, the Chimera, the Minitor and the amazing Double Helix that has an action faster than a switchblade.

Some popular favorites have made returns as well such as the fantastic 704 (my favorite) and the 618.

WE have also released a new titanium bolt action pen called the X-Pen.

More knives are coming - the Arrakis, the Pleroma, the Ǣterna from Elijah Isham are scheduled for a November 2018 release.

Then there is the Stixx and the Ryback knives from Mikkel Willumsen Tactical as well.

And they are sure to have some surprises before the end of 2018.







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