What exactly do you get with the warranty for the brands we sell? And how good are they?

Let's go through them and we will talk about our own experience with dealing with warranty issues.

Firstly here at True Talon, we are always your first port of call for a warranty issue and we will never push you off to China or the USA to the manufacturer. In fact we do most warranty repairs in-house unless the manufacturer chooses to take over the issue.

These are the main brands we sell -

Reate Knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Liong Mah Knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Maxace Knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kansept Knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty

WE Knife and CIVIVI Knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kizer Cutlery - Limited Lifetime Warranty


This is Reate's warranty below and it is pretty typical of all the brands we sell with only some minor variations (such as not all brands supply spare parts with their knives but Reate and Maxace specifically do this) -


  • Each knife is packaged with spare parts, such as; screws  and washers in case they are needed.
  • If there are defects or performance issues found  in the our knife product Reate will send the customer a new replacement.  All shipping fees are borne by the customer, and the repair to be addressed by our either our warranty center in Southern California, USA; or direct from our Factory in China.
  • If the knife is damaged due to misuse, Reate will evaluate and repair if necessary.  All shipping fees are borne. Repairs can  include; small screw replacements, any “refinishing or repairs directly related to the blade or handle will have to be addressed at our factory in China.  Repairs will be addressed in a timely fashion, depending on the level of the repair..
  • Any modifications or customization made to the knife made by the customer are not covered under Reate’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


 What's our experience been in the 8 years we have been in business?

Reate - if Reate have a complete knife to send and the warranty issue is serious enough, then they do indeed send out a new knife straight to you the customer and you would return your original knife back to us. For other issues we will either fix it here in house or have to return it to Reate for repair. We have very few warranty issues with Reate as their quality control is extremely good.

Liong Mah Design - typically we rarely if ever have any of Liong's knives with any issues. The biggest one we had was pocket clips not working on one model and we were supplied new pocket clips. Some we replaced here and some were sent to the customers who chose to screw on the new clip themselves.

Maxace Knives - we have yet to have any warranty issues with a Maxace knife.

Kansept Knives - Kansept as a new player are very conscious of warranty issues. The few issues we have had, they have sent new knives to us to make an immediate swap.

WE Knife and CIVIVI Knives - having been our most popular brand for a number of years, the more knives we sell the more warranty issues that appear. We have had WE Knife send us new knives in some cases to exchange; but it's normally parts they will ship to us. We have had to replace a few broken and damaged blades, broken and damaged lock bar inserts and locking liners, damaged G10 and Carbon Fiber sides, and damaged / faulty detents.

Kizer Cutlery - they will either send out a new knife or parts depending on the severity of the issue. Early on we did have to drill out a few stuck (and hardened) titanium pivots but that has not happened in quite a few years.

Some of these issues were caused by the customer - we had one customer who snapped the tip off a blade and a new blade was supplied at no charge to the customer. That does not mean this will happen on a regular basis or if you abuse a knife it will be repaired free of charge. Every issue is evaluated individually.

Our suppliers, as well as us here at True Talon, are very conscious of how a new purchase can have a lasting impression on a customer and if something is wrong, then fixing that issue as fast as we can is important.

There's an old business saying that goes roughly  ''don't judge a company on the purchase - judge them on how they fix a problem with that purchase''.

Here at True Talon we only deal with suppliers that offer Lifetime warranties and back them up. And so far they have all fulfilled their obligations and some go above and beyond their obligations.



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