Welcome to the True Talon website.


Our business is selling you the best quality EDC products (Every Day Carry) we can - but it's also about integrity and service. We can sell you the best products on the planet but slow shipping, bad packaging, and a crappy return policy does NOT fit into our thinking.

The business partners of True Talon have over 60 years of outdoor experience between them. Tony our CEO has been camping and hiking since he was 7. Fishing (starting with his Dad) since he was 8. Shooting since he was 12. Off road driving since he was 18. All of these have been lifelong pursuits for him. And he is a self admitted gadet-holic. The dude is crazy about testing our products to make sure they work. In his words "there's nothing more frustrating than going camping and finding something you need doesn't work or it breaks the first time it's used".

Tony was literally pulled out of school at 14 and thrown into the family retail business. He quickly had to lose any shyness and learn about customer service, sales, marketing and all the rest of running a retail business. Most of the jobs he has held, have been in wholesale or retail sectors helping customers with orders and solving complaints.

True Talon started off on the Australian Blade Forum and still has a very good reputation there. With Kizer knives, Reate Knives and Titanium gadgets for EDC use we made quite an entry there before we even had a website. We still run "Group Buys" and competitions on ABF so it's worth joining up for those - it's not just talking about knives.

Now we have a website you can see and buy all our products in one place. We want the buying experience to be smooth, fast and hassle free for you our customers.

Our motto is “It can take years to get a customer – but only a second to lose them”.  We will do our very utmost to keep our customers happy. 

And we still offer some of the best quality products on the planet.

We welcome all your feedback - positive or negative. The negative helps us correct anything we are doing wrong, so don't be afraid to let us know.

Contact us at -

Phone - 0400-086-844

Email: - sales@truetalon.com

Address: PO Box 480 LANE COVE NSW 2066