October 31 2022

From October 31 2022 PayPal will no longer allow Family and Friends Payments to business accounts from personal accounts - to cut down on Tax Fraud.


- Unfortunately PayPal no longer are returning fees on refunds. This means that we are forced to deduct the fees if we have to issue a PayPal refund. If the refund reason is from our end (cannot replace or repair an item) then this will not apply.


 PLEASE NOTE - While all care and diligence is taken with all information provided including pricing, photos, descriptions and stock availability on this website, we are not responsible for any errors and / or omissions which may occur.

Please see our T&C section 3 for a more complete statement.


Due to the large amount of credit card fraud recently we will now be calling all overseas customers who use a direct Visa or Mastercard to verify your identity. It will help if you email a copy of the front of the card as a verification so we know you actually have the card. (just the front - not the back)

We apologize for this inconvenience but we really have no choice.

At this time we are accepting these types of payments -

1. PayPal - you can use a PayPal account make a payment.

2. Visa or Mastercard.

2. Manual Payment methods -

a.You can do an Electronic Funds Transfer to our Bank Account

b. We can send you a PayPal invoice and you can use a Visa or MasterCard or a PayPal account to pay the invoice.

c. You can call us locally on 0400-086-844

overseas customers - 61-400-086-844

and pay by credit card over the phone.



We have a 30 Day return policy for faulty items. We no longer accept ''change of mind'' returns as some customers were abusing it severely.

The provisions are -

1. you must notify us first and get our authorization.

2. the goods must be returned with all their parts and packaging and the goods must be in an unused condition.

3. If an item is returned with parts and or packaging missing we reserve the right to deduct from the refund, the cost to replace those parts and packaging or 10% of the sale price - whichever is greater. So please keep all your packaging and accessories !!


If you have a knife you think is faulty - all the manufacturers want to see photos or videos of the fault. The final determination is up to the manufacturer. If it's an obvious fault then we will rectify it.

Any fault that cannot be seen with the naked eye - such as small scratches or dimples in carbon fiber - is not considered a fault. If you have to magnify it to see it - then it's not a fault.

Please be aware that knives on washers will have a stiff action from the box and can take time to break in. This is not a fault.

When you return a knife please put in a written description of the fault so we know exactly what to look for.

If you've used or modified a product in any way we cannot accept it back for a return.

We do not charge restocking fees. This is the biggest load of nonsense  perpetrated by companies the world over. NO RESTOCKING FEES.

Returns can be a difficult issue and we try to accommodate everyone as much as we can but please understand we are a very small business and there will be some instances where we just cannot accept a return no matter how hard we try.

Also returns can take us longer to process than orders. We have to examine the packaging and the knives for missing parts / accessories and often disassemble the knife to try and correct or repair the problem. If we have other repairs in front of your knife they are done in the order we receive them. We are not miracle workers unfortunately. So please be patient.

Our company motto is this old saying -

“It can take years to get a customer – but only a second to lose them”.

- but even that can only get us so far........



All orders within Australia ship free. We use Australia Post's Parcel Post service.

Orders up to $149 ship Parcel Post with a signature on delivery. Australia Post now automatically includes $100 coverage for items lost or damaged in their possession.

All orders over $150 ship Express Post - with a tracking number, signature on delivery and Extra Cover from Australia Post.

You can expect your order to be shipped within about one business day. Orders placed on weekends or Public Holidays will ship the next business day.

 Shipping For Overseas Customers

We can ship to most places except for -


The Middle East

Central and South America

Sorry but countries in those areas are too much of a problem to deal with.

For Europe, Asia, North America it's generally not a problem and we have successfully shipped knives to these areas. Normally a shipment will take about a week to ten days to reach you.

However, all overseas orders are shipped at the customer's risk. If Customs confiscates your shipment we accept no responsibility for it. We can insure an item for its full value but there is no way we can deal with Customs in your country. You accept full liability for Duties, Taxes, import charges etc and liability if your item is confiscated by Customs.

The only insurance recourse available is if a package is lost or the item is damaged.



 You can place an order with us for pre-orders, special items or out of stock items. However, we expect you to pay upfront where -

1. the items total between $500 and $1000 -  in which case we require a minimum 50% deposit.

2. the items are $1001 or more in which case we require the entire amount paid.

3. Special Order Items are non-refundable.

For special order items please contact us at and we will do our best to get it as fast as possible for you.


We can offer you a lay-by system for items over $150.

We require a 50% deposit and the item must be paid off with 2 (two) further equal monthly installments from the date of purchase.

For example - you purchase a $500 knife on lay-by on the 1st of October with $250 (50%) deposit. In November you would be required to make a further payment of $125 and by 31st of  December the remaining $125 balance.

If you wish to cancel the lay-by, we reserve the right to keep 20% of the total purchase price since we will be required to discount the item to sell it.

If any payments are missed we will consider the Lay-Buy to be abandoned and no money will be refunded as per our local Australian Consumer Laws..


All items sold by True Talon are covered by us locally - we do not expect any customer to return an item to any local supplier or worse - overseas. We stand behind every product we sell.

We want happy customers - angry disappointed customers shows extremely poor customer service.

We will endeavor to do either one of these in the event of a faulty product -

1. Repair it

2. Replace it.

3. Refund your money - yes all your money - if we cannot effectively perform points 1 or 2.

Unless otherwise stated all items sold by True Talon have a 12 month warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Expressly excluded from this is normal wear and tear and abuse of products.

Items With Longer Warranties -

Kizer Knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Just a note on Kizer's Warranty and taking a knife apart. Kizer cover themselves by saying if a knife is disassembled it will void the warranty.

We have seen some YouTube videos stating some absolute nonsense about this term in Kizer's warranty.

In real life this is actually what happens -

If you take a Kizer knife apart, it only affects the warranty if you do something stupid like strip the screws or break something. And then it's only on those parts that you break. And they only charge you and us the postage for the parts that you screwed up.

So it's actually no different than almost any other manufacturer.......

Reate Knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Liong Mah Designs - Limited Lifetime Warranty

WE Knife - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tuya Knife - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Maxace knives - Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Titanium Products - Limited Lifetime Warranty

XTAR battery Chargers - 2 Years Limited Warranty

EFEST Chargers - 3 months immediate replacement and 3 Years Limited Warranty.

Acebeam Flashlights - 1-5 Years Limited Warranty.



If you have any problems or questions then please contact us at and we will do our best to help you out.



While all care is taken in writing our Terms and Conditions these will often change without notice. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions that occur in writing them.